Project Title: Development of tourism based on local cultural and natural values

Acronym: CULTOUR

Project ID: HUSRB/1602/31/0176

Total Project budget: 193,349.41 EUR

EU contribution (IPA): 164,346.99 EUR

Start Date: 1 April 2018

End Date: 30 Sept 2019

Lead Beneficiary: Local government of Bácsbokod (Bácsbokod Nagyközség Önkormányzata)

Beneficiary 1: Local Community Svetozar Miletić (Mesnazajednica Svetozar Miletić)

Contact information:

Local government of Bácsbokod

Address: Gróf Széchenyi István utca 80.

Contact person: Mr. Laszlo Kovács


Telephone: +36 20 409 5775

Project summary:

The goal of this project is to boost tourism in the municipality Bácsbokod in Hungary and the municipality Svetozar  Miletić in Serbia. Both settlements have numerous tourist sights and offer tourist attraction programs, however, they lack publicity and some of the tourist sights are not in a position to accommodate tourists. With the common strategy and brand building of the municipalities, the project aims to resolve these problems.

The project will develop the following elements allowing visitors to learn about the touristic sights of the municipalities:

  • A multilingual, tourist publication with maps in Bácsbokod;
  • A multilingual, on-site information panels and improved township website of Svetozar Miletić municipality;
  • A nature trail along the fishing lake Bácsbokod which will also lead the visitors to several other attractions, such as the recently renovated fisherman haunt, and a crested chicken henhouse;
  • a feasibility study related to the economical and touristic exploitation of the local, certified thermal tourism potential that can be later utilized for tourism purposes;
  • Joint events, aimed at enhancing the reputation of the two communities through the local products and sights. These traditional events contain programs that are like traditions, we introduce our local products to our target group, deliberately draw attention to the local sights and encourage them to revisit and spread our good reputation.

These events will be carried out and promoted in cooperation with other municipality to reach larger audiences and strengthen the cultural intertwining and Hungarian-Serbian relations.