The first church was built of rammed earth and adobes by noble believers and it had thached roof. In 1752 there was the deposition of foundation –stone of the church which was dedicated to the Nativitiy of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The catholic congregation in Nemesmilitics had patron`s rights, because the church was founded by them with permission of bishop. The nobility financed the building and the work of the church.
In 1842 the church was enlarged, the tower and the half-round front were built, and since then the church`s dimension is unchanged. The church is 47.75 m long, 16.25 m wide and 10 m tall. The church tower is 30 m tall. It has four bells. The biggest bell`s weight is 458 kg.



A small chapel was there on the hill in 1767 and the new building of the calvary was built in 1924. The aim was to found a pilgrimage site like the holy well in Máriagyűd. The chapel has three levels. In the cellar there were burial-places for sale, the crypts were intended to be used for the entombment of noble believers. The mass was said on the ground floor in the chapel. On the altar there is a special
sculpture of the Blessed Virgin who doesn`t pray but she spreads her arms. The steps lead us to two towers and three crosses. The calvary`s feast is the Dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary Major on 5th August.