In the middle of the 18th century the administration of county and chamber decided Sombor had to be the county town. In the county there was a small  number of noble families and the aim was to establish a noble municipality for more noble families on the steppe which was close to the town.
Militits steppe was chosen and in 1747 the impoverished noble families of Hungarian and Bunjevac nationality slowly began to populate the area of steppe.
The name Nemesmilitits appeared also in the deed of gift in 1803. The meaning of Latin word miles is soldier (militis – soldier`s, milites – soldiers), that could be the meaning of Militits. Nemes is a Hungarian adjective and it means noble. This word refers to the first noble inhabitants of the village. In 1925 the new name Svetozar Miletić was given by the new public administration.