Two prominent cultural events play an important role in the life
of our village. The Croatian – Bunjevac Cultural Association Lemeš organizes
the ingathering festival during the summer. This marks the end of harvesting season every year and this is an expression of thanks for the successful wheat harvesting. Every year the tradition is to choose the nicest reaper pair who wear folk costume. They take the bread baked of new flour to the church. During the thanksgiving mass the bread is blessed and after the mass all participants have a drive along the streets on fiacres which are decorated with wheat ears. So they celebrate the end of harvesting season.


The Hungarian Cultural Association Németh László organizes the grape harvest ball in autumn, after grape harvest. Befor the ball the pickers – boys and girls – invite the inhabitants with dancing and singing on the streets to the evening ball. The hosts are the judge, notary, cashier and their wives. The duty
of pickers in the ball is to guard the decorated crown and the grapes which are hung up. The participants can steal them, but when the guards catch them., the judge inflicts a punishment on them.